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Abbreviation for "Sell Me Drugs". Used by many when wanting to
a) disguise the true meaning of the phrase "SMD"
b) purchase drugs
c) purchase drugs from someone while having a little "extra fun"
Tom: "Hey, Jack, how about you SMD."

Jack: "No, man, that's disgusting!"

Tom "Geeze, I just wanted some crack."
by Voltron22 August 06, 2012
The term for a penis so large that anyone who sees it turns to stone due to sheer jealousy. It is said that a man many years ago possessed the infamous "Schlonger" but used it's power for evil, forcing a valiant warrior to slice the penis clean off and hide it so that no one else would get jealous of the massive meat stick. The current location of the Schlonger is unknown.
Jerry: "Have you heard the legend of the Schlonger?"

Bill: "It's not a legend. Look at my huge penis!"

Jerry: "..."

Bill: "Jerry? Jerry?! Crap, he's turned to stone. Shouldn't have abused my schlonger."
by Voltron22 August 06, 2012

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