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3 definitions by VolcomStoneLC

a smoking substance which is made from a mix of PCP and embalming fluid.
"Yo nigga you got dat water?"

"fo sho nigga.."
by VolcomStoneLC October 14, 2008
a man or woman who uses their teeth when giving a blow job. Hence the name "beaver."
Ryan: "man my fucking dick hurts. She gives really bad head."

Richard: "what do you mean?"

Ryan: "she was a fucking' beaver."

Richard: "ouchhhh..."
by VolcomStoneLC May 06, 2007
a girl, or (homosexual) man who wants to give a man head (aka blow job) very badly, then is a beaver (uses teeth when giving head; very bad).
John: "hey did she end up giving you head last night?"

Steve: "yea."

John: "was she good?"

Steve: "hell no. She was an Eager McBeaver."
by VolcomStoneLC May 06, 2007