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To fix something regardless of how it looks or how long it lasts. Using any materials that are available to you in a creative way to make something work.
Using rubber bands to hold your steering wheel in place, because you lost the bolts that are supposed to hold it.
by Vlad Roussakov June 08, 2004
An engine produced by Mazda, but never sold in North America; The American market recieved the KL-DE (nicknamed the KL-03) which was less powerful than the KL-ZE.

The KL engines have VRIS (Variable Resonance Induction System) and makes a very flat power curve, much better than Honda engines

The KL-ZE makes 200hp and 165lbs-ft/tq.

Many people swap these engines into such cars as the Ford Probe Gt, Mazda Mx6/Mx3/323/Protoge/626.
Shitson! My H22 Prelude engine got smoked by your KL-ZE 626.
by Vlad Roussakov June 08, 2004
Engine Made by TRD. Had 5 valves per cylinder and individual throttle bodies. This engine is often found in Hach-Roku's.
That 4AG-101 is fast!!!!!!
by Vlad Roussakov June 08, 2004

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