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The best band in the world, and there is a common misconception that Brandon Boyd IS the band just because he is the frontman. Amazing, amazing lyrics and musical talent even if their newer music has become a little more washed out. They are still innovative and always bring a style of their own!
by vivian October 22, 2003
An extremely useful phrase to use when someone says something of a certain idiotic nature. Use it to silence them. There does not have to be an actual table, the table is a metaphor if you will.
Douchebag: "I'll be there in t minus 1 second."
You: "Get the fuck out of the table."
by vivian February 10, 2004
OnE cOoL dOrK..yea feel me..??
RiCcAH nd ViViaN are DorKuS..
by Vivian February 17, 2003
a transexual
shenene was a man and act's like a woman now
by vivian August 15, 2003
a tall skinny person who is often physically abused by a Ma Ding Ding and emotionally abused by a Wee WeeYan.

synonym: Condiment, Anthony Wong
Look! Its Troll Child!
by Vivian August 24, 2004
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