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To falsely assume something about a person. Often based on stereotypes or outward appearances. It can be used in both the positive and the negative (ie, someone is "pegged" with a characteristic they do not possess; or they are "not pegged" with a true but hidden characteristic.)

Derived from the hypothetical idea of "pinning (or pegging) a label on someone".
"I never would have pegged Ben for a geek, but then I discovered his collection of Star-Wars action figures."

"I'm sick of people pegging me for a homosexual. There's nothing wrong with a little judicious manscaping here and there!"
by Violet Clementine September 14, 2008
Having the mental state of a marshmallow, ie, airheaded, superficial, and concerned with petty things.
"Gosh, Kate is so mallow-minded lately--all she talks about is her boyfriend and her new haircut."
by Violet Clementine September 10, 2008
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