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JaGeX is a British company, best known for producing the popular MMORPG Runescape. They have also made several other smaller games, that are not as famous. Examples are Vertigo and Gold Mine. They have been put down for having poor customer service. According to Andrew Gower, the name means "Java Game Experts".
"Hello there!" said Andrew Gower, to his friend, Bob.

"Hello, Andrew!" said Bob. "How are you?"

"Oh, I've just been working on making another famous game like Runescape or Vertigo." replied Andrew.

"Oh, I forgot, you work at JaGeX."

by Vintic aka Elliot June 24, 2006
Lemon Demon is a band that has a large following, mostly on the internet. They are most famous for the song The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which is in turn most famous for the popular flash animation that achieved high fame on the website Newgrounds. They are also famous for being pioneers in the anti-eBaum's World movement, by alerting the general public with an informative song, with flash animation to go with it.
I was walking down the street, when I heard some awesome music. I used my ears to see where it was coming from, and walked into the store, which happened to be a music store. I said "man, what's that badass music?". The guy at the music store said "you don't know that band? That's Lemon Demon!".
by Vintic aka Elliot June 25, 2006
Being in love with someone, but not being loved back and/or not telling them about it. A crush can develop to be a relationship, but traditionally, crushes are considered a wish that that person would love them back: but that they are never daring enough to seek out.

Crushes usually fade over time, or are given up on. Most preteens experience crushes early in puberty, and it is popular subject matter for sleepovers or Truth or Dare games with those of that age. Crushes are usually considered embarassing, and many people do not want others to find out about them. Telling someone about another who has a crush on them usually results in embarassment for the one with the crush, and is usually awkward.
At the age of 12, Hank had a crush on Helen. When Hank's brother John found about this, he told Helen, and Hank was embarassed.
by Vintic aka Elliot September 03, 2007
Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG for short. It is subject to much flaming, from some people who like it and hate the people who don't, and some people who don't like it and hate the people who do.

The game has been put down for having a poor community and being all about doing the same thing over and over again to get better at doing the same thing over again. The fans of the game usually retaliate by saying that there is no RPG with a good community, and that not all the skills involve repeatedly doing the same thing.

The game is most frequently complimented for having no downloads, as you can play it in your browser window, and what are frequently acclaimed as some of the best graphics in the world of gaming. The game is also frequently put down for being too easy, it is very difficult to die unless you decide to go out into the wilderness, a location where players fight players.
"Hi there, Jimmy!" Jack waved to his friend.

"Oh, hi there, Jack!" Jimmy waved back.

"What are you playing there, Jimmy?"

"Oh, Jack, it's just Runescape."

"RUNESCAPE? That game is terrible!"

"Why? It has beautiful graphics, some of the best in the world."

"Well, that's true, I'll give it that, but it also has poor gameplay."

"Look, I don't really care what you think, but I'm having fun."

"Good point. Have fun!"
by Vintic aka Elliot June 24, 2006
Hocus Pocus is a side-scrolling video game, released in 1994. It featured a young apprentice, who was sent off on a great adventure over 36 levels by the great wizard, Terexin. Terexin is a high-ranking official in the Council of Wizards, and his sprite was later reused for flash movies about the comedy character Fooruman. The game was highly popular, and is still considered one of the best games ever.
Hocus Pocus was walking around a castle, and blasted a flying devil. While jumping around collecting gems, a mushroom ran into him, and he took damage. Hocus collected a white potion, and blasted the mushroom with rapid-fire.
by Vintic aka Elliot June 24, 2006
JJ is an acronym for the Jazz Jackrabbit series of games, or rarely, the title charcter, or first in the series, although the first one is mostly called JJ1. Also used are JJ2, for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, JJ3, for Jazz Jackrabbit 3D, and JJA, for Jazz Jackrabbit Advance.
Craig went to bed after a long refreshing game of JJ2. Earlier in the day, he had been playing JJ1, JJ3, and even JJA. As he fell to the dark aura of sleep, he had only one thought. "I love the JJ series.."
by Vintic aka Elliot July 13, 2006
1. A character in the video game Donkey Kong, who throws barrels at Jumpman (who later evolved into Mario), in an attempt to stop him from getting at the princess who he had kidnapped from Jumpman.
2. A very popular video game, considered to be one of the best of the century, although Tetris is frequently ranked higher on lists. The gameplay involved jumping over barrels, and climbing up ladders, to rescue the princess, who did not happen to be in another castle. The game was made famous for good graphics and its amazing gameplay.
3. A compliment to a paticularly good video game. The opposite is "not Donkey Kong".
1. Donkey Kong was walking around, when he saw Jumpman. Agressively, Donkey Kong threw a barrel at Jumpman, who could not dodge it in time. Jumpman died.
2. "So, I was playing Donkey Kong, and I jumped over two barrels in a row, but the third one hit me. But at least I set a new highscore!"
3. "Wow, Final Fantasy I was totally Donkey Kong!"

"Yeah, but World of Warcraft was so not Donkey Kong!"

"Eh, I didn't get a chance to play it, I'm a retrogamer. It's pretty much safe to say all the new games are not Donkey Kong."

"Whoa, I'm a retrogamer too!"


And they all lived happily ever after.
by Vintic aka Elliot June 25, 2006

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