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4 definitions by Vinnie Da Homeskillet

a person who like to refer to himself in the third person, ran for president or sometin, was on the simpsons, snl, pepsi commerical, is pretty funny for an 82 year lod man
Where the hell are bob Doles pants-Bob Dole

bob dole needs to go to bob doles home and spend some quality time with bob doles wife-bob dole

Your Bob doles bitch-bob dole
by Vinnie Da Homeskillet January 14, 2005
311 86
An international criminal, wanted by the FBI for smugglung glue into the country, thats right, hes a paste smuggler
Wake up Cosmo Jenkins, this is the FBI, we have a bagel
by Vinnie da Homeskillet January 13, 2005
4 2
spanish for god
a name you can pick in spanish to piss of the teachers
a total loser who fails spanish class and can't sail at all
Geez Dios failed another test
by Vinnie Da Homeskillet January 14, 2005
27 39
a skinny kid who wears glasses and is usally a nerd, though sometimes is no, and thinks he can get chick that are hot, but really cant, and although very intelligent, is somewhat lazy and fails alot of classes
albany failed math again
by Vinnie Da Homeskillet January 14, 2005
10 82