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4 definitions by Vinderella

1. German for "fiddler."

2. A master of folk music. Plays the guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, autoharp, or a combination of said instruments. A jack of all trades.
"That fiedler can make anything sound like music!"
by Vinderella March 23, 2009
10 0
Someone who makes up crude and offensive definitions for people's names, and posts them on the Urban Dictionary.
"I looked up my name on the Urban Dictionary tonight, and I was offended by the definition it gave me. I think a snitcherberry must have posted it."
by Vinderella March 23, 2009
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(noun) Any ideology, ethics or belief system practiced by a Fiedler.
Honesty is just one of my many Fiedlerisms.
by Vinderella April 11, 2009
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Having funky or quirky taste in art.
Vinny: "Why is there a swimming pool sticker on your coffee thermos that says, '4 ft deep'?"
Steve: "I like it there. It's fiedlery."
by Vinderella March 23, 2009
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