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a butt that when it moves up goes dadonk and on the way down it goes adonk.
I love the dadonkadonk butt.
by Vince January 06, 2003
anything toward the negative side.
what in blue PHONG is that??

god that kid is such a phonggat!
by Vince March 13, 2004
not copied or imitated; new; fresh.
avril lavigne is so NOT origional!
by vince May 03, 2003
doj (n)(v)-the act of sucking ones penis. putting ones lips around a penis and sucking. comes from the word job but fliped around never caps
1. give me a doj
2. doj me and fucking like it bitch
3. doj me
by vince April 17, 2005
International Mathematical Olympiad

A competition that only the smartest people in the world can join.
If I were to compete in IMO, I would have to be at least half smart as Einstein.
by Vince September 20, 2003
roses the synonem to vagina
"i would go up that girl's roses" or outkast's song roses..."roses really smell like ohh oh oh" which means her vagina smells
by vince April 17, 2004
"Napolean complex" is already a term. The "little man syndrome" is less literate; unneccessary.
No example is needed for this, OK?
by Vince January 25, 2005

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