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Llamagoose is the ultimate level of hyper-activity where you are just SO full of energy that you are naturally entertaining and hilarious. It's the last level on the hyperness continuum.
Person A: Dude I'm so freaking wired right now
*says something really random but hilarious*
#hyper #insane #hilarious #entertaining #wired
by Vijay Vishwanath September 12, 2008
a humorous alternative to the popular abbreviation, "brb", meaning be right back. it's humor resides in the fact that it makes a reference to a popular restaurant while conveying a message
Person A: so what's up dawg
Person B: nm, i gotta go to the bathroom, be arby's
#brb #be #right #back #abbrevation #awetham
by Vijay Vishwanath December 18, 2008
a much more humorous and creative way to say bee tee dubs or btw that seems to universally resonate with women.
Person 1: Dude that song is sick, btdoublebackflips i totally got an A on my psych paper
Person 2: niiiiceeeee
#by the way #btw #bee tee dubs #bee tee double you #awesome
by Vijay Vishwanath December 30, 2009
an exclamation representing the act of spazzing or going insane. it can also be used to describe a person who is very anal about a particular thing.
1) are your parents still ah real monsters about dating
2) omg my parents bought me a new car i was spazzing out liek AH REAL MONSTERS
#spazzing #going crazy #insane #ballin #ah real monsters
by Vijay Vishwanath September 13, 2008
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