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1 definition by Vidus

Word that became very popular on the World of Warcraft forums on April Fool's day 2007. During the course of the day, the Blizzard forums were changed so that each normal poster had blue text and an animated icon, which is normally what Blizzard posters look like. To go along with this, each Blizzard poster was listed as a player, with normal white text, and a troll for an icon, signifying they were forum trolls. The staff posted sporadically all day in threads, trolling. One of the expressions used in most of the one-line replies was "lol wut?" After this, it became very popular on the forums for the next few weeks.
Player A says: I think that Warlocks should be nerfed!
Tseric says: Lol wut?
Player B says: Lol wut?
Player C saysL: Lol wut?
by Vidus April 15, 2007