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The moment after a vigorous excercise when youre breathing rapidly, you take one deep breath and your fine again.
tony: "man im breathing pretty hard!"
george: "its okay man i was too, just wait for your oxygasm and you'll be fine"
by Vicky-T14 February 14, 2011
A word retrieved from a children's cartoon that can be used as any type of word in the enlish language... is very popular word to use when it is innapropriate to swear. But can also be used to just really confuse random passersby.

It is most effective when combined in one sentence.
Smurf you mother smurfer.

Man that chick is pretty darn smurf.

I was so smurfed when I finally got done with my work.

I had to smurf all the way to school.

She smurfly walked away.

I felt very smurfy when i smurfly smurfed all the smurfing way to smurf!
by Vicky-T14 February 02, 2011

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