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1. Punk is not fashion
2. Punk is not "trendy"
3. Punk is NOT emo
4. Time for the REAL definition of Punk

A punk is a very defiant and rebellious individual who rebeled against moderen society, many have descirbed punks as "violent freaks" who go around kicking each others asses, well thats a steriotype, punk isnt something you find in a hot topic store, its not traded bought or sold, its DIY(do it yourself) thinking for youself, it also influenced many subcultures, Most punks soldout about the age of 27 becuase they realized Life isn't fair, noone cares wut you have 2 say, you need money to support your habits, and their friends moved on, sad subs like this only lasted from 78 ta 92, and that punks need money for such miscellaneas behavior

Now for the Music:

Punk music isnt Greenday, Good Charlotte, did i mention Blink 182? its not All Time Low, i could go on and on and on

Punk Rawk is all about having fun YOUR WAY doing things YOUR WAY not some love song, Punk Rawk is teeing off, speaking your mind, believing in your lyrics, knowing that way your living in is complete shit, Bands that made punk wat it was are bands like Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, TSOL, Angry Samoans, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Decendents, very fast paced, playing your own style not love rifts, Punk is fast its hardcore and DAM its mean did i mention it was Hardcore? it came right at ya, above all Punk is Chaos balls out CHASO!! no rules wat so ever, its DIY its a Political Movement, YOUR OWN WAY!!!!!


Punk: stfu trendy posuer yer not apart of our rebellioun, go home and piss off before me and buds here kick yer ass

Posuer: Imma poser look at yerself you got that EAZY E blasting in you speakers SELLOUT!

Punk: I like Easy E and Minor Threat, i think i hear your mother calling GO HOME!

10 years later after the incident:

Punk's friends: dude i gotta move on, getta job wife and kids mabey im selling out dude life isnt a party

Average Joe: Yer right man im low stacks i think imma enroll myself in college before its to late, Keep in touch?

Punk's Friends: keep in touch

*bouth go seperate ways, and become the exact opposite of wat they use ta be*
by Veteren_Child September 08, 2010
A trendy fashion and hairstyles that rich kids use and THINK their rebeling, just another copier of the punk, also cut theirselves with butterknifes and wear loud colors like purple, punk, neon, and ignore starving kids in Africa for their personal needs, not much DIY just some kids TRYING to stand out, Emos try to hard...
also listen to songs abour relationships and all that and wear skater clothes for example skinny jeans and band shirts chuck shoes latest in fashion..

Most claim they worshop satin and dont believe in God but thier religion is based off events in the bible so makes their so called "religion" untrue and claim those who dont worshop the devil posuers..
emo: dude lets cut ourselves while listening to 3 days grace

emo: I brought the butterknifes!
by Veteren_Child September 08, 2010

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