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A young and small female, usu. under the age of 10. A mythical creature like a unicorn, fairy, or god. The greatest form of life to ever exist,in short, perfection.
Dakota Fanning is a little girl
by VerucaKrueger December 27, 2003
modeling clay, recycled chocolate, the ultimate toy, face paint, etc.
Sara evacuated some feces from her anus and we made a castle out of it
by VerucaKrueger December 27, 2003
Origin is from Lauren Bagdy. Extremely attractive girl, or totally awsome thing.
Fi from So Weird is Bagdy
look some Bagdy's
wow I feel totally Bagdy right now
by VerucaKrueger December 27, 2003
As in Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Something that is very trendy, new, or fresh. A brand new trend in the AG world, cutting edge, young.
when doing something for the first time: This is soo MK&A
This place is totally MK&A
by VerucaKrueger April 09, 2004
A pillow made out of vomit. The Vomit Pillow. When one is so drunk that they vomit on the floor, gather the puddle of vomit up into a pillow and go to sleep in it.
John drank too much so he made a villmow to go to sleep in.
by VerucaKrueger December 27, 2003
the canadian slang term for vomiting
he's gonna boot
by VerucaKrueger April 09, 2004
from Danielle Van Dam who was a little girl savagely raped and murdered. To cause a serious amount of damage to something or someone. To destroy something. To cause willing destruction for the sake of the fun of it.
Let's do some Van Damage!
by VerucaKrueger April 09, 2004
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