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a:fuckin shit up like Jean Claude Van Dam
b:defeating your enemys under incredible odds..once again just liek Jean Claude Van Dam!!!!!
Hey bro, watch me do some "Van Damage" on these scenester faggots with this here crowbar.
by Jarrod Van Damage January 16, 2005
To wreck havoc upon evil-doers Jean Claude Van Dam style.
You an' yo' babe are in a bar. Drunk ruffian comes up to your girl and does an Etch-A-Sketch. He and his buds laugh.
You to your brutha: Hey dude, it's time to do some Van Damage.
Your brutha: Yo' Bro', let's get it on!
by Bruce Lee Majors May 07, 2006
massive destruction
Those people next door are partying too loud. let's go break in and cause some van-damage!
by your mom September 07, 2003
The response given when someone drops a Van Dam line unintentionally.
Top Brick: I don't get why did they try to hurt me in my black silk underware.
Bottom Brick: Thats vandamage
by Pheats February 14, 2006
from Danielle Van Dam who was a little girl savagely raped and murdered. To cause a serious amount of damage to something or someone. To destroy something. To cause willing destruction for the sake of the fun of it.
Let's do some Van Damage!
by VerucaKrueger April 09, 2004
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