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"Men's Health" is a monthly magazine in the supposedly (and originally) about health and fitness, but characterised by the multitude of topless men it depicts. It started in 1987 in the US, but is very popular in other regions (especially the UK). It is surprisingly popular despite its infamous reputation, and has an estimated circulation of about 1.85 million copies each month as of 2009. The editor in chief is David Zinczenko, and the magazine is something of a byword for an dull/homosexually-inclined thing to read. A typical article would be "Nine steps to a perfect 6-pack".
Christian was a massive fan of Men's Health Magazine, and used to sneak into his older brother's room to steal the latest issue.
by Versipellis May 23, 2009
A neutral word used to name a person. It was created for the "PlaneScape" campaign setting (DnD). It's used in the planar city of Sigil.
Merchant: Oi, cutter, over here! We got the best goods around!
by Versipellis May 24, 2009
To post a humiliating video on a friend's Youtube channel thanks to them having left it logged in in public.
I tuberaped bob.
by Versipellis September 27, 2009
1. A stupid or ugly person -- a variation on "mug".

2. A small, goblinoid creature (fantasy)

3. A generic insult

4. Somebody with overly dry skin
1. Joe read Men's Health Magazine cover-to-cover three times a week. What a muglin!

2. I was walking in the woods with my party when I was suddenly attacked by a vicious group of muglins.

3. "Shut up, you stupid little muglin!", shouted Christian as Andrew explained the complexity of his new story.

4. One day, I woke up to find my new girlfriend was a muglin.
by Versipellis May 23, 2009
A contraction of "Fat" and "Oldie" -- meaning one of those grumbling, fat old people that fill up that belovedly flawed island called "Britain". They can usually be found in couples riding bikes or on cruise ships. The females of the species tend to sport short, dyed ginger hair, yellow tinted glasses and woefully tasteless clothes. Their husbands (A person with whom "fold" women make a pact never to have sexual intercourse with) are more often then not called George, and are tall and skinny with massive ears and shrivelled faces. They also have a penchant for either gold or fishing depending on the specimen.
Elliot: Hey Pete, check out those foldies over there! Naaaaaasty!
Pete: Ewww, gross! Those legs.... Yuckaroo!
by Versipellis May 29, 2009

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