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2 definitions by Verroxi

n. The common illness amoung gamers when a temporary psychological addiction to a video game causes lack of sleep for anywhere between 24-48 hours. Most commonly found in WoW players as a chronic disease.
Justin: Hey Waylon, how's that new game treating you?
Waylon: -Drools.-
Justin: Damn dude, it looks like you have a bad case of Gamer's Insomnia.
by Verroxi February 12, 2010
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n. A land-to-air based rocket useful for destroying enemy Hinds, Cobras, and Chopper Gunners effectively angering people that worked to get a high killstreak.
Announcer: "Enemy Hind inbound."
Player 1: "Aw shit, does anyone have a Chopper Stopper?"
by Verroxi June 20, 2011
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