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a method of finding out the results or information of a favorite sports team or TV show by reading about it in the newspaper.
Man, I forgot to pay my cable bill last month, so now I have to rely on paperview to see if my team's winning.
by Verno the Inferno December 12, 2006
retarded almost to the point of death. Having barely enough brain cells to keep the vital organs functioning.
Dude, you are so cryptarded! Next time, put the tighty-whities on first.
by Verno the Inferno December 11, 2006
a violent episode of diarrhea most likely caused from the consumption of too much junk food including "fast food" burgers.
OOOh Crikey! I hope this is the end of my beefspray! And I hope I can find an air freshener.
by Verno the Inferno December 04, 2006
A person who tells lies in order to impress others.
Man, you are such a poop shooter! Who in their right mind would believe that!
by Verno the Inferno December 04, 2006
short for "special need"; a person who acts like a complete retard.
Dude! Your such a sneed! I told you not to lick it! Man, next time don't be so sneedy!
by Verno the Inferno December 04, 2006

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