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A person who is appointed by the Job Centre, to fail you in nearly every aspect of life.
'Hello i'm Sam; i'm your Employment Officer'
'My your stuby fingers look like sausages'
by Venom_of_Oswestry May 12, 2009
Described as 'Shropshires little Auschwitz centres'; County Training is a center designed to hold the unemployed after they have had an undisclosed period of time claiming Job Seekers Allowance. All 'trainies' are held under a 'voluntary' contract in which they are required to perform tedious day to day tasks. These can range from searching www.direct.gov.uk for multiple hours, constant reading of local literature (a favourite being the Nazi publication, 'The Shropshire Star'), Forced labour (writing thousands of speculative letters to local businesses) and dealing with local employment officers, to prove you are not only looking for work, but are willing to do every task required, in order to sacrifice your life and soul to County Training.
'Your at County Training 30 hours a week, Monday to Friday. We promise to find you a job.'

'I've got an interview at 1'

'Well, you can't go because we don't know if your suitable for the job'

'But i've got an interview...'

'Well you can't go. Take a seat.'
by Venom_of_Oswestry May 13, 2009

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