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4 definitions by Venera

means to keep this a secret; don't tell anybody
I don't want anybody to know about this affair until next week, so mum's the word!
by Venera December 22, 2005
(n) plural. Means Russian nation in Russian language. Russkie = Russian people = Russians.
Ruskie zhivut v Rossii = Russians live in Russia :)
by Venera April 25, 2007
Nation from Georgia. Georgia is a country. Georgians = Georgian people = Gruzini live ib Georgia. Gruzini is a russian word for Georgians. (Do not mix with American Georgia state)
Gruzini ochen muzykalny narod. Oni otlichno poyut. = Geargians are very musical nation. They are good at singing.
by Venera April 25, 2007
n. a russian word for everything (food, drinks and other stuff), that a person can get for free. Don't mix with presents. Usually, greedy and not very clever people like halava.

Sometimes students ask God for halava during the exams they didn't prepare.
-Tomorrow Tom has a party!
-Cool, we'll have lots of drinks and smoke! Halava!

Oh, I'm not prepared for the exam. Please, halava, come to me!
by Venera January 11, 2008