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Gaining sexual pleasure from tricking someone into searching for a fictional term for an unspecified sexual act.
"Next you'll be saying you did a double smurf cannon last night."

"What's that?"

"Never heard of double smurf cannon?"


"Don't Google that"

They then go search the term, and upon reporting that they couldn't find it, the other person gets off on it, i.e. wanlessing.
by vego August 10, 2012
Monkey MotherFucker.

we came up with this one when I called someone a monkey mofo. Not to be confused with US connotations of racism. Monkey as in devious little bastard who needs to be spanked. :-)
Yo momofo what's happenin.
That bitch is a 7day momofo.
by Vego December 19, 2004
The Coolest, like Wicked.
Ah that's the wickest car.

That is like totally the wickest album they ever made.
by Vego December 14, 2004
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