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3 definitions by Vaughn-y

A combination of the two words, 'Saxophone' and 'Section Leader.'

Therefore, only Saxophone Section Leaders (SSL) may be called Saxtion Leaders.
"Saxtion Leaders know where it's at, unlike any other section leaders in the band."

"Who is that saxy girl over there? Oh, wait, that's the superior Saxtion Leader!"
by Vaughn-y April 11, 2007
18 8
A combination of the words 'Saxophone' and 'Sectionals.'

Used to describe saxophone sectionals in a more quick manner.
"Yay, I have saxtionals afterschool! Saxtionals are so much fun!"

"We have a saxtional today, so you'd better come or you'll sleep in a box."
by Vaughn-y April 11, 2007
6 0
An abbreviation for the term "Band Room."

Often used by those attending band class or other band related events.
"Are you crashing at the BR afterschool?"

"I'm bored, let's go to the BR."
by Vaughn-y April 11, 2007
14 44