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4 definitions by Vashtidog

The dark patches of skin found between a fat girl's thighs and ass, which can be caused by poor circulation and the kidneys and liver not operating efficiently.
Tony: "Man, I think Lisa is so fucking Sexy! Is she good in bed?"
John: "Fuck, yes! But don't mind the pig stains!"
Tony: "Damn! I know she's fat, but if she's got pig stains, she's a little too fat for me!"
by Vashtidog December 15, 2010
1 0
Another name for Maxi-pads or any other feminine napkin.
Her: "Honey, can you stop off at the store and buy me some pads?"

Him: "What? You're out of tuna strips again?"
by Vashtidog October 11, 2009
3 2
The same thing as a hot tamale (When a guy shits in a sock, and smacks someone with it.)
, but when done with a Christmas stocking.
Eric: "Hey, Jason! You gonna give Carl a hot tamale tonight?"
Jason: "Of course. But since it's the holidays and all, we use a Christmas stocking and call it a Holly Jolly Tamale!"
Eric: "That's hot!"
by Vashtidog December 15, 2010
1 1
When a woman becomes so excited over a period of time, that her panties are so thick with feminine juices that the wet spot is whitish in color.
"Oh, Baby, keep talkin' dirty to me...you're giving me mayonaise panties!"
by Vashtidog October 11, 2009
8 12