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1. A naturalist who will do anything in his/her power to protect the environment and save wildlife. Comparable to a hippie, vegetarian, or Hypah. But not Mancow

2. Someone who is likely to have a nervous breakdown if he/she ever stops protesting something for more than a few minutes.
When will these treehuggers stop protesting everything?
by Varter April 20, 2004
A syndicated psychologist with his own TV show on daytime television. Enjoys telling others to lose weight when he is quite guilty of the same allegation as well.

kriptik, a local frequenter of Undernet is obsessed with this man and will stop at nothing to spread his name.
<Varter> kriptik!
<kriptik> fucking shut your hole
<kriptik> this isn't #drphil
<Varter> HAHAHA
by Varter April 20, 2004
One of the largest IRC networks still in existence with a laid back administration that provides minimal services but doesn't overwhelm the users with hundreds of *Serv bots. The primary service is X, the channel bot, who provides many options for managers and ops alike.

Undernet is very involved with its users, and holds frequent classes and interesting discussions or interviews in the #class channel. Channels are very hard to register, and therefore if a channel is registered, then it is garunteed to be lively. It has frequent netsplits, but not quite to the caliber of EFnet and DALnet, making it a much more solid network. In general, the help channels on Undernet are often nicer and more humble than EFnet, but still don't be surprised if you get banned for an arbitrary reason. There's always room for improvement.
<Varter> Hey, wanna chat on IRC instead?
<Mancow> Sure, I'll meet you in #tech on Undernet.
<Varter> Nice.
by Varter August 27, 2004
Past owner of #partydome, but gave that luxury to Raky. Is constantly making out with X, the channel bot and is best friends with Hypah.
KOSME sometimes uses the nick EMSOK.
by Varter April 20, 2004
One cool, kickass funny, but weird little man. Often obsesses over Dr Phil.
kriptik hangs out in #macintosh on Undernet.
by Varter April 20, 2004
A prototype AIM bot that serves many purposes. Many believe AOL launched SmarterChild as a marketing ploy to promote their evil deeds, and many think it was coded in collaboration by Mancow and Hypah, a couple of AOL haters (but who can blame them?).
OldCrankyGranny: Don't be a bitch.
SmarterChild: Why can't I be a bitch?
by Varter April 20, 2004

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