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A program or web service that gains a poor reputation for being released in a buggy or incomplete state, and which then gradually improves until becoming a powerful tool/platform but cannot lose the negative stigma.

e.g. Steam, Windows 9x, Warcraft 3 beta, Star Wars: Galaxies
Forget CZ, if we release now we'll get a good STEAMING from out customers.
by Varsity September 07, 2004
An item, typically a computer program, with numerous errors that may prevent or hinder a part of said program.
The program crashes whenever I close it: it must be buggy.
by Varsity September 07, 2004
In videogame terms, a whore is a player who specialises, sometimes completely, in one or two mechanical actions that are signifigantly more powerful than others and is rarely seen doing anything else. They tend to have little in the way of imagination and not care much for other players.
Whoring favorites tend to be the weapons that, when used 'correctly', allow you to attack without easily being attacked in return. Some examples include the AWP in Counter-Strike, Spider Mines in Unreal Tournament 2004, and Combine balls in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.
Whores often use game or map exploits and complex scripts to perform these actions with minimal effort on their part.

They can be easily identified by entering a server, saying "whore!" or "exploiter!" or "scripter!", and noting who replies with "?".
"Player X is a Combine ball whore, he needs to get an imagination!"

"All Player Y can do is whore up the AWP, he sucks otherwise."
by Varsity June 02, 2005

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