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1. a real prick. 2. a jiving, slppery mother F* who really rubs humanity the wrong way. 3. my whoring party-whore ex wife.
you god damned ass hole!
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
ASS! Burple. A yummy fruit that comes in a *neat* accordian bottle. just add wata babay. its killer shit, makes kool-aid look like horse-piss. (name comes from the sexy belch it makes when extraced fully)
Cock-sucker! now im old enough to get drunker than hell on work nights, and they go and discontinue burple.
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
1. A party whore is a marginal looking girl (usually stretched from severe weight loss or from giving early life child birth) who will fuck the brains out of the guy with the biggest stock pile of weed, pills, but most importantly cocaine. The guy's intelligence and clenliness are not a factor when substance 3 is involved.
2. Northern KY's Davina G. and her band of skanks can all be positively labeled this.
You fucked who? My best friend? THAT piece of shit? you coked up cunt! get the fuck out of my life!!!
by Vapor Trail September 07, 2003
i believe these are banned now in the lower 48 states. too many kids got ''emotional scarring'' from not being able to grab the dice, suck the dice, and choke on the dice.
As gone by times, like the Holy JART, (god bless the jart) ... goodbye pop-o-matic bubble
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
simply put > Penis.
Shit fire negro i'd dip my noodle in that.
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
In a Vegas-esque fashion, to, sleazily, roll about and basque in nappiness.

The puppy rolled in luster upon the maggot filled shit pile.
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
If you or your family eats ''Freedom Fries'' yall deserve the fucking long term consequences. nasty shit, stupid sheeple
Yippit-y grabbin Yay momma! they got dem Freedom Fries here!! I WANT THE FRIES GIMMEEE THE FRIES NOW FUCK YOU MOMMY !!! WAAAAA!
by Vapor Trail August 22, 2003

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