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A dance that originated in California

They wear tight ball hugger jeans, but have recently found a solution by making them stretchy. It does still make them look like women because of the fact that they want to look anorexic

All jerkers are automatically byterz and swagga jack moves from other street dances such as bboying, or cwalking.

Their only "original" moves are the reject, spongebob, dipping and their "jerk". Basically going squatting down as if you were on top for the cowgirl position and moving your hips fluidly as if you were having sex to slow music.

Although now they tend to not use their own moves, but are heavily into using kneedrops which they have retardedly labeled as a pindrop.

Jerking now has tried to become fresh by rejecting what they had tried to reject in the first place. They use various moves in c-walk and then going into kneedrop combos while using breakdance moves such as flares,headstand, helicopter (attempts), handstands, inverts, no-hopping airflares and other various moves.

(All moves are performed as attempts and are very shitty. To have a very good example, look at how Justin Bieber breakdances, except a lot slower with more kneedrops!)

Most likely in the future they will rename all of these and perform them half-assedly to make them their own moves.

Their favorite phrase is probably: "I can do that" because of their confidence to be able to be a good partner for guys in prison.
A jerker goes to a circle where people are dancing.

1 of 2 things will happen.

Scenario 1:

Jerker: Hey dude, I can do that!

(Does some retarded shit in the circle)

Non-Jerker: GTFO byter, you fucking suck.
(Gets burned and owned)
Everyone else: BOO, JERKING IS GAY!! Breakdancing is so much cooler.

Scenario 2:

Jerker: Hey let's all have a jerk-off
Jerker 2: Oh yeah, let get in on this jerking.
by Vanillaz April 25, 2010

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