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Smackel-jacked, Smackel-jacking. - Verb: The hijacking of a microphone or speaking priviledges for the purpose of laying a verbal smackdown upon an opponent.: Knocking one off his/her proverbial high-horse, stealing that which he/she holds dear in an effort to silence from spouting absurdities and ridiculousities.
1. Shaniqwa was smackel-jacked by Darnell for talking nonsense in a chat room by having her microphone blocked and a verbal beating laid on her containing colorful language, humor, and profanity.

2. Taneesha, smackel-jacked Jaheem by putting her hand over his mouth and spending 15 minutes explaining why he was worthless.

3. Michael smackel-jacked Stephanie by speaking softly,thereby forcing her silence in order to hear him reason with her on why she was speaking out of turn.

4. Day'shawn blocked Tyrones microphone in the chat room and took the mic for himself and said, "Shut yo mouth, Beeyotch!! You jus got smackel-jacked, wit the virtual, Pimp Cane."

5. If you dont shut yo' Bitch ass up right now, Imma' gonna smackel-jack yo' ass in front of all yo' peeps, ya heard

6. Did you hear how Bo'keisha was smackel-jacking foo's left and right da other day? Dat was some funny shit, yo.
by Vanilla Infinity February 17, 2008
Noun: 1. Any lame male or female, displaying behaviors such as seeking constant approval, attention and or visual materials of a sexual nature from members of the same or opposite sex.

2. Anyone who acheives his/her objectives through whining, crying, pestering, and or mischievious tactics.

3. bjsbazz
A. Maestro!!! Stop being a thirsty ass...Beg-A-Bitch, mutha phucka! This isnt a Singles Club. Go place a personal ad in your local newspaper or try E-Harmony dot com.

B. Phil was telling us about how all these beg-a-bicthes come up out of the wood work asking for free things all of the time. Man, these beg-a-bitches, sure seem to get on his nerves.

C. Stephanie said, "This beg-a-bitch, dude...would not get off my nuts unless i showed him my teets"

D. Iris got called a "beg-a-bitch" because she was bothering Brian for a picture of his cawk.

E. Wow, that bjsbazz, certainly is a beg-a-bitch. He just doesnt leave these chicks alone.
by Vanilla Infinity February 17, 2008
Noun: 1. A "special needs" person of Brittish persuasion known for thier chronic masturbation,ridiculousity, being a wackadoodle, drama queen, and annoying speech (both pitch and vocabulary). Spawning feelings of rage and violent tendencies.

2. An irritant you can not find an ointment for.

3. Inexplicable buzzing in one's ear causing the loss blood and intellect.

4.Online chat program character: Famous for begging for attention, the opportunity to see naked women, and acceptance.
A. bjsbazz: dammit, unblock me...fucking ass-licker...u whore...get ur tits out...ffs...U Beyotch...answer me.

B. When he stopped sucking his thumb long enough to ask in a squeaky, post-orgasmic state to see my breasts, I thought, "What a bjsbazz!"

C. Despite being smackel-jacked repeatedly, the creepy and annoying, bjsbazz continued to attempt to aquire attention and affection.
by Vanilla Infinity February 17, 2008

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