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beg-a-bitchsex (-0.092)
Noun: 1. Any lame male or female, displaying behaviors such as seeking constant approval, attention and or visual materials of a sexual nature from members of the same or opposite sex.

2. Anyone who acheives his/her objectives through whining, crying, pestering, and or mischievious tactics.

3. bjsbazz
A. Maestro!!! Stop being a thirsty ass...Beg-A-Bitch, mutha phucka! This isnt a Singles Club. Go place a personal ad in your local newspaper or try E-Harmony dot com.

B. Phil was telling us about how all these beg-a-bicthes come up out of the wood work asking for free things all of the time. Man, these beg-a-bitches, sure seem to get on his nerves.

C. Stephanie said, "This beg-a-bitch, dude...would not get off my nuts unless i showed him my teets"

D. Iris got called a "beg-a-bitch" because she was bothering Brian for a picture of his cawk.

E. Wow, that bjsbazz, certainly is a beg-a-bitch. He just doesnt leave these chicks alone.
by Vanilla Infinity February 17, 2008
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