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1.The eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat or drink any non alcohalic beverage;
2.When a person gets waisted in stead of eating;
3.Only drinks alcohal to loose weight
1.Meg suffers from drunkerexia she doesnt eat or anything just goes home and has a Screw Driver.
2.Lisa Has Drunkerexia, she has a martinie any chance she gets she'll choose it over dinner.
3.I have drunkerexia thats why im skinny now give me a gin and juice
by VampireMisstresss October 17, 2008
1.When someone is so depressed thay cant sleep or eat they can only drink so they stay drunk.

2.After a bad break up the broken up with just sits at home and drinks and crys.
1. I lost my Job i can't eat or sleep i have Drunkerexic Depression.

2.My Wife left me so im just gonna sit here and drink and hope i feel better
by VampireMisstresss October 17, 2008

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