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a way elementary school teachers once tried to call science class for fun, and for a way that could help little kids remember science facts... however the plan backfired and the teachers involved not only sounded like retards but were ridiculed and they looked like idiots... It was fucking hilarious.
Are you ready for Skee-En-Ki class?
by Valher November 03, 2009
1 Own to the fullest extent of humanly possible abilities
2. To dominate, be godlike, in comparison to others at any specific thing, ex. video games, sports etc
I Pwn stupid n00bs like you douchebag.
by Valher November 03, 2009
A word that means the fear of pigeons, if this words applies to you, that probably also shows where the word "chicken-shit" originated.
What a useless chicken-shit.
by Valher November 03, 2009

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