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A shortening of 'Significant Other;' particularly useful when addressing a mixed gender group with varied marital statuses. Frequently pluralized: sig o's.
You guys should come over tonight for the bowling tournament, and bring your sig o's.
by Valerie Hurt December 31, 2008
The placement of one's testicles on the forehead of one's sexual partner.
"For our third date, she wore a Cincinnati Beret."
by Valerie Hurt December 31, 2008
An exclamation of exuberance. Something to say when overcome by the joy of the moment, an urge to celebrate with the freedom of youthful independence and total lack of responsibility. It is at once a complete sentence and state of mind.
"Spring Break '98!"
by Valerie Hurt July 21, 2009
The act of vomiting something the second you swallow it.
The eggnog was so disgusting I rejectiled it across the room.
by Valerie Hurt January 03, 2009
A lesser form of Anglodontia. Bad, rotten, or misplaced teeth that would rarely be found in North America. The disregard for oral hygiene common to the old world.
American hygiene standards are frequently seen as excessive or obsessive by other cultures, however it's exactly this attitude that has spared us from the Eurodontia of our more continental counterparts.
by Valerie Hurt January 17, 2009
The tooth decay and disarray unique to the British Isles, frequently featuring black spots and extra front teeth and/or fangs.
His accent was so charming on the phone, but one look at that Anglodontia and it was over.
by Valerie Hurt January 17, 2009

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