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An annoying little bastard who spends all his time spamming forums, punching babies and proving people wrong

Usually found in random places with squirrels
Shadow, hurry the hell up and boot Valdameer, hes headbutting the chairs again...
by Valdy December 10, 2004
A person who aspires to be a Valdameer
Pfff, your not a Valdameer your a Bigslappedrudeness
by Valdy December 12, 2004
Grumpy old man, spends most of his time building abeyance, for which we all love him for
Nobody rules as much as lexx, not even Valdameer or Solar
by Valdy December 10, 2004
Sexiest Admin PGN ever had
I wish i could be as sex as Zoddy
by Valdy December 10, 2004
Flea bitten mongrel, well known for ripping of the legs of Valdameer when he posts the fact that he's a flea bitten mongrel on random urban dictionary sites
Oh, Valdameer really should have complimented howler on his nice shiny glossy, silky, tantalisingly sexy coat... now he's going to have his legs removed
by Valdy December 10, 2004
Lesser sexy admin of PGN
Shadow isnt nearly as sexy as Zoddy
by Valdy December 10, 2004

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