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3 definitions by Vaginabuttfarts

The name given to one who messes up various activities.
Sean: I got cock blocked last night by El Fago Maximo
Kareem: Who has achieved the status of El Fago Maximo?
Sean: Brian did when he kept calling me while I was fucking his girlfriend
by Vaginabuttfarts March 07, 2008
5 3
A black person with who is either A) invoker of epic lulz or B) flat out awesome. You could say individuals who are called coal train "Bring the coal...baby"
Sean: Dude Chris is so cool, he was talking about how he fingered two girls last night
Kareem: He's a regular Coal Train!
by Vaginabuttfarts March 05, 2008
4 4
One who has killed a mass of lulz over an extended time period. Also one who stops lulz from occuring by not showing up where lulz occur.
Sean: Dude I asked Brian if he wanted to play CS with us after school.
Kareem: What'd he say?
Sean: He wants to hang out with his girlfriend instead.
Kareem: What an epic lulz killer.
by Vaginabuttfarts February 24, 2008
30 54