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The little sound you hear when you load a game into your PlayStation2 and the words: "PlayStation2" come up.
I was waiting for my game to load, and to my satisfaction, the "voomp" signaled that the game was ready.
by VaderTheIntimidator January 21, 2013
One of the funniest sound effects in all of history. A "thwub" is a sound you hear in "dub-step" music, often repeatedly
I was channel-jumping on a radio, and I heard a loud and heavy "thwub-thwub-thwub-thwub" on one of the stations. I almost died laughing.
by VaderTheIntimidator November 29, 2012
When Trekkies gather 'round a widescreen TV and watch every Star Trek movie ever made.
"I had a friend over and we trekked it up so hard last night. I've still got Star Trek references rattling around in my head from that night."

Example #2:
"Yo, buddy, I got all the Star Trek movies on Blu-Ray. Wanna Trek it up?"
by VaderTheIntimidator October 11, 2012

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