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4 definitions by VIZMA

from el Peru: left up in the air, abandoned to uncertainty, waiting and no news arrives, no resolution to a very "pregnant" situation
My man said we would meet for lunch and then have a quickie today. He never showed, he never called, he left me en pindingas!
So I called my "supplier," pleading, "Bring me something to cheer me up!" "Honey, I am in the car and on my way!he said. I am still awaiting his arrival and he doesn't pick up his cell. Will he arrive or not? He has left me en pindingas.
by Vizma March 05, 2008
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refers to the colors of the pills VIAGRA and CYALIS
My husband needs his blues and yellows or he can't
get it up. Old and overweight - poor guy!
by Vizma December 28, 2007
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a real ladies man, serious skirt chaser, but very macho and appealing to women; literal translation from the Latvian language is "male cat". A runcis is a desirable player.
This guy at the party hit on almost every chick in the room, he is a real runcis. But you know, I really liked him.
by Vizma February 26, 2008
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led down the WALK OF SHAME when your husband is FORCED to confess his hooker obsession
After my husband was drugged and robbed in our apartment by a hooker, he had to file a police report and confess his "indiscretions". The police took the co-op's security video and suddenly everyone knew he paid for sex with strangers. And me? I was spitzed on! Pushed down the WALK OF SHAME. It was HIS dirty laundry, but people stared at ME.
by VIZMA March 12, 2008
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