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from el Peru: left up in the air, abandoned to uncertainty, waiting and no news arrives, no resolution to a very "pregnant" situation
My man said we would meet for lunch and then have a quickie today. He never showed, he never called, he left me en pindingas!
So I called my "supplier," pleading, "Bring me something to cheer me up!" "Honey, I am in the car and on my way!he said. I am still awaiting his arrival and he doesn't pick up his cell. Will he arrive or not? He has left me en pindingas.
by Vizma March 05, 2008
a real ladies man, serious skirt chaser, but very macho and appealing to women; literal translation from the Latvian language is "male cat". A runcis is a desirable player.
This guy at the party hit on almost every chick in the room, he is a real runcis. But you know, I really liked him.
by Vizma February 26, 2008
refers to the colors of the pills VIAGRA and CYALIS
My husband needs his blues and yellows or he can't
get it up. Old and overweight - poor guy!
by Vizma December 28, 2007
led down the WALK OF SHAME when your husband is FORCED to confess his hooker obsession
After my husband was drugged and robbed in our apartment by a hooker, he had to file a police report and confess his "indiscretions". The police took the co-op's security video and suddenly everyone knew he paid for sex with strangers. And me? I was spitzed on! Pushed down the WALK OF SHAME. It was HIS dirty laundry, but people stared at ME.
by VIZMA March 12, 2008

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