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A male iPhonista. A very savvy iPhone user.
Derek is such a multi-tasking iPhonister! Not only did he take a photo while making a phone call ... he responded to emails at the same time!
by VGVGVGVG March 22, 2012
Yeehawness ... I reckon this here means when you realize some city folk are feelin' a little bit country and acting out these here feelings!

disclaimer: Not intended to offend anybody who is offended.
What the Yeehawness is Jake wearing? A bandanna and cowboy hat at brunch?

After finding out there was no more corn on the cob Suzy let the yeehawness of it all take over and screamed: "Daaang!"
by VGVGVGVG July 29, 2010
When something is official ... it most likely is "awfficial" as in awful ...
After reviewing many creative ideas, the CEO chose an awfficially boring logo.
by VGVGVGVG February 19, 2013
A very savvy iPhone user.
Can you believe she took that photo with an iPhone? She is such an iPhonista!
by VGVGVGVG March 22, 2012

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