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A group of Macromedia Flash artists and programmers sprung from the intentionally bad work of strawberry clock, whose blatantly bad movies on Newgrounds caused some viewers to resent him, and some viewers to somewhat ironically love him. The latter group of viewers became the Clock Crew. While their root was in producing more trashy, dumb Flash movies for the sake of pissing people off, the Clock Crew has evolved into a talented group of artists capable of excellent, humorous flash--although some of it continues to put out intentional crap. Although the Clock Crew recognizes StrawberryClock as its leader, he is, in fact, somewhat detached and rather oblivious to the group that he formed.
"Oh, God, not another Clock Crew Flash. BLAM!"
"Dude, did you even watch the movie? It's hilarious!"
"No, all Clock Flash is fricking retarded."
by VCRClock September 09, 2005

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