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A half-spliff, half joint. Typically rolled in a large paper, to allow for each half to be savored as a unique experience.
Does this have tobacco in it?

Nah, the first half is just weed. It's a spliff-joint.
by VC-MUNX May 12, 2011
A spliff-joint attached to the end of a blunt, creating a smoking experience that transitions from joint to spliff to blunt. Can be quite large, and typically require a number of folks to finish.
You wanna smoke a jiffy-blunt? I just got all this dank bud and wanna role it up for everyone

Yeah man, that sounds dope. I'll roll the spliff-joint, you role the blunt.

Indeed, we did win sectionals.
by VC-MUNX May 12, 2011
A hand-rolled cigarette containing mostly tobacco with a pinch of marijuana.
Yo man, you wanna smoke a spliff?

All I got is crumbs man, lets just roll a splifferette.
by VC-MUNX May 12, 2011

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