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An Irish Canadian. Or a Canadian of Irish decent, or the other way around.
Part of my cultural background is Irish, Canadian. I'm an Ircan!
by V-cloak May 20, 2008
Male and female genitalia.
When he saw Her padudeedoo, she kicked him in HIS padudeedoo.
by V-cloak February 21, 2008
When you bang your padudeedoo on something.
"He smacked his nuts on that flagpole! One nasty hijuky!"
by V-cloak February 21, 2008
A woman's private part.
"I giggitied her kushmoikin with my googin!"
by V-cloak February 10, 2008
To get drunk, wasted, intoxicated, or completely blasted by an alcoholic beverage of any kind.
"Me and my buddies got so bloody flabberbombed last night it was unbelievable!"
by V-cloak February 10, 2008
An ancient creature from dinosaur times. Has the look of a bear, but with an actor for a leg and makes baskets.
Quote from South Park, "Holly crap dude! It's Snugglebut!"
by V-cloak February 21, 2008

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