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A nausea feeling in the pit of the stomache upon spotting a FAG.
I felt like I was going to ACCK when that QUEER stood in front of my face.
#any #word #related #to #dumb
by UsuckBALLS June 10, 2008
A guy who sucks shit at sports and gets his stupid face bashed in when going for the "championship" title. This sort of guy takes steroids to enhance their natural state of stupidity and to decrease length/width penis measurment. He also drinks super fag powder mix and shouts TIK TIK TIK HERE I COME when doing so.
Me: Tiker is gross stupid and dumb.I wouldn't have sex with _________ if he was the last person on earth.
#gross #yuck #nasty #fag #dumb
by UsuckBALLS June 10, 2008
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