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An epic, nice, funny, handsome boy who is epic
girl: " im so excited i met a harvey last night"
by urbanDICtionary November 24, 2012
A sweet caring guy who will look after you and protect you always
I love Cliffton he's so nice to me
by UrbanDictionary February 24, 2005
A man, generally of Greek origin, who allegedly bears no penis.
Nicholas, thou art indeed dicklas!
by UrbanDictionary April 25, 2005
Jeel. A girl who is really pretty and nice. This girl has the biggest heart in the whole world. She is very smart and very nice. If you are a boy and you're in love with a Jeel, she will fill your life with love. Jeel describes a girl who may be stuborn a lot but is very funny. She will always laugh at your jokes even though they're really stupid. A boy whose name starts with a R will have better chances at marrying Jeel. Examples: Roshan and Jeel have a better future together.
Jeel is a very pretty, smart, nice, and funny girl.
by URBANdictionary February 04, 2015
when a man is masturbating and all of a sudden lots of cum just spurts out.
mate: " oh mate yesterday when I was masturbating the floodgates just opened, there was cum everywhere!"

you: " okay......"
by urbanDICtionary November 23, 2012
When you have group sex with some or all members of a band or group.
Molly: I was gangband ed by Michael, Ashton, Andy , Oli, Kellin, Kurt and Dave.
by UrBanDicTioNary March 09, 2014
1. A Hawaiin girl who is madly in love with a man named "Superman"

2. A pseudonym of someone who is madly in love with "Superman."
1. That Grizabella cannot keep her hands off of Superman.
by urbandictionary November 12, 2004

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