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8 definitions by UrbanDictionary

An epic, nice, funny, handsome boy who is epic
girl: " im so excited i met a harvey last night"
by urbanDICtionary November 24, 2012
A sweet caring guy who will look after you and protect you always
I love Cliffton he's so nice to me
by UrbanDictionary February 24, 2005
A man, generally of Greek origin, who allegedly bears no penis.
Nicholas, thou art indeed dicklas!
by UrbanDictionary April 25, 2005
when a man is masturbating and all of a sudden lots of cum just spurts out.
mate: " oh mate yesterday when I was masturbating the floodgates just opened, there was cum everywhere!"

you: " okay......"
by urbanDICtionary November 23, 2012
1. A Hawaiin girl who is madly in love with a man named "Superman"

2. A pseudonym of someone who is madly in love with "Superman."
1. That Grizabella cannot keep her hands off of Superman.
by urbandictionary November 12, 2004
When you have group sex with some or all members of a band or group.
Molly: I was gangband ed by Michael, Ashton, Andy , Oli, Kellin, Kurt and Dave.
by UrBanDicTioNary March 09, 2014
Hansom. Derived from the American Indian phrase "Som Han" translated "He who stores his head in chiefs ass". This roughly means a 'kiss up' or 'brown noser'. Typically a hansom will go to any legnths to impress a superior. Sexual favors (most commonly male to male) are common.
You sir are an boss' hansom!
by UrbanDictionary March 22, 2005