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A lower second class, or 2:2 degree.
Inspired by South African Desmond Tutu.

Claims about the term 'tutu' are inherently redundant (2:2 <-- duh).

Many claim to have invented the term, the truth is multiple people invented it at different times, in different places and continue to do so believing they are the first.

In the UK, the 'Desmond' is part of a logical sequence using well-known figures:

First - Geoff (Geoff Hurst, footballer)
2:1 - Billy (Billy Gunn, wrestler)
2:2 - Desmond (Desmond Tutu, bishop)
Third - Thora (Thora Hird, actress)

You get nothing for a fail.
"Mike's probably getting a Desmond, Bill a Thora, and Phil needs a Billy or above to get into Kings."
by UrbanDef June 01, 2006
windsmear (noun)
- Fecal staining produced by a violent passage of wind.

Windsmears are produced when airborne particals of feces (or "winnit dust") becomes trapped within cloth, usually underwear but frequently bedsheets.
A windsmear is marked by its resemblance to, say, the spray of an aerosol. They are usually dry to the touch.

Not to be confused with skidmarks.
"You better check your underwear. That huge fart might have left a windsmear."

"Check out the windsmear on Warren's pants!"
by UrbanDef June 01, 2006
The really poor excuse for an erection that all men will almost invariably try to put into effect after an overly beery night out (or in if you're a loser).

Usually ends up exposed and marker penned by so-called mates when you finally pass out and lack the capacity or care to put it away.
Tom had throughly shit sex as he had a drunken jelly sword and could not achieve decent penetration.

"I couldn't have a wank as I had a jelly sword"

Sally laughed at Gareth's tiny jelly sword.
by UrbanDef June 06, 2006

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