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I think of two kinds of preppies. They both usually share being rich and snobby.

1] Generally slutty-guys and girls, rich, but still probably attends a public school, skanky, wears Hollister, A&F, Aeropostale, American Eagle, etc, blonde, spoiled, easy, usually snobby, annoying, giggly, does stupid things sometimes nice, "popular", but really not.

2] Goes to prep school. Wears cardigans, corny, VERY RICH, very annoying, smart, sheltered, parents often ignorant of behavior...
1] Meg is such a preppy-she wears Hollister, she's a snob, she's rich...

2] Muffy is such a prep-snobby, very rich, sheltered, corny, and dresses bad.
by Urban Girl February 22, 2004

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