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Verbal Celibacy (n) - When one person in a relationship buys the other person in the relationship some sort of gift with the understanding that this gift will cease any future badgering or bickering about mundane things for a predetermined amount of time. Usually done by the male for the female.
Joe bought his wife a new car but what he was really buying was some verbal celibacy for awhile.

Ever since I bought my girlfriend that ring, the verbal celibacy has been great!!
by Urban Articulator April 29, 2007
(n) - The skid mark residue left behind in the bottom of the toilet after taking a really nasty dump! Often found by the next unsuspecting office mate. Can only be disposed of by repeat flushings and properly placed clumps of TP.

(n) - The floating residual chunks of turd that have successfully made the first cut of flushings. Usually recognizable for what they originally were and extremely grotesque to the next weak stomach individual. Must be disposed of using repeat flushes.
Dude, the smell in there was bad enough!! You couldn't clear off the turdidue though??

Hey Bro, watch Pauls face when he comes out the crapper after seeing my turdidue!!
by Urban Articulator April 26, 2009
Expression used when someone is going off on a conniption fit. The rage is depicted as the size of an elephant or having the rage of a lion (ie. Simba from Lion King).
Girl: I cant believe that f-in m-fer cut me off. What the eff is wrong with his f-in lane?!?!?!

Guy: Whooooaaaaaaa......... down Simba! He is a 1/2 mile in front of you!!
by Urban Articulator March 24, 2010
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