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shitty ass dictionary run by a bunch of racist douche bags, trying to say "urban" people talk different from "normal" people.
1st cat: yo that area is very "urban" better bring your kevlar vest

2nd cat: nah forget that, read up on the Urban Dictionary so you know how to talk to them cats
by Urban Dictionary January 08, 2009
me on your mom's hairy ass snatch
me: i splooged all over jimmy's mama's hotbox last night

other kid: you are the snatchmaster yo!
by Urban Dictionary January 08, 2009
a term coined by the geniuses at Annheuser-Busch in the late 90's for commercials where they presented the "Born on Date" concept of fresh beer. They had commercials showing losers worried about getting skunky beer.
me: aww patches! this beer is skunky dude
patches: yeah, let's call 1-800-DIAL-BUD and tell 'em we want a free replacement pack
me: okay . . . <dialing>
bud: yaw, hello, who dis?
me: yo dookie! this is some skunky beer, im gonna smash this shit on patches' head, stick it in an envelope, lick it and send it in as evidance!
bud: you over 21?
me: naw fuck you, not a day over 19 bitch, gimme some new beer
by Urban Dictionary January 08, 2009
Overrated loser who never deserved the Heisman and who is a massive pussy and won't take a hit like a man.
Umpire: Who's that bitch all covered in turf with his faceguard smashed in?

Ref: That's that bitch-ass Sam Bradford

Umpire: True.
by Urban Dictionary January 08, 2009

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