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A smallish city (35k) in North Orange County, area code is 714 for the most part. Mostly white, with a smattering of mexicans and asians. Currently undergoing a bro infestation.

Everyone who lives here knows about the Brea Bubble: we live in a pretty little city with almost no crime, but with nothing to do. Stores close at 9, there is no nightlife.

People from out of town just know us for our mall.
Brea Resident: "Fuck, its 10PM and there's nothing to do. If i even go outside the cops are going to harass me because they have nothing else to do"

Non-Brea Resident: "Brea .... they have that mall, right?"
by unquenchablefire March 25, 2007
Used to describe cars that are so poorly styled that they are assumed to be a hybrid. Coined because of the ugliness of the Toyota Prius.
Holy shit, that Ford focus is hybrid ugly!
by UnquenchableFire March 29, 2006
A simple and minor issue that is blown way out of porportion by the media when there is nothing else to report. The public becomes deathly worried about something that is no more dangerous than the common flu.

ie. SARS, Bird Flu, Mad Cow, Killer Bees, etc.
Person A: "Did you hear about the SARS epidemic?"
Person B: "Epidemic? It's killed less people than the flu. Its nothing more than slow news day virus."
by UnquenchableFire October 08, 2006
First Lady Is Really a Guy
Palin:Don't refer to me as a MILF
Clintion: And don't refer to me as a FLIRG. I googled what it stands for and I do not like it.
by unquenchablefire September 22, 2008
An OC City, right next to Brea, Fullerton, La Mirada, and Rowland Heights. Used to be really nice, but has kind of gone to shit over the years. It's lower income, and so it has the beautiful moniker of "the Gheto of Brea". It is also home to a very large Hispanic population.
La Habra, "An All American City". What a joke. Its a bunch of beaners.
by unquenchablefire March 25, 2007
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