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398 definitions by Unknown

A penis that has the characteristics similar to that of a baby. Often associated with non-cultured people. Also people with no intellect can be found with this problem.
The majority of Americans have baby dicks due to their utter stupidity dealing with our nations issues.
by unknown October 19, 2003
Someone who wanks to pictures of 1930's cars.
Chris is a dumbass nerd.
by Unknown August 06, 2003
v. A journalistic label used particularly in Europe to describe a certain type of music's sound. Meant "hip hop" without the rap. It was a way of flagging off music and calling it shit.
Massive Attack, Portishead and Bjork are trip-hop acts.
by unknown July 16, 2004
A great nation that was once a superpower in the world. After their defeat in WW2, they quickly became one of the world best economies, ranking second in the world; US being the first. Now the most highly technologically advanced society.
by unknown September 10, 2003
is a wierd person who just buggs u and u whant them to shut up they ware wierd odd clothes sit in the middle of a park and read with out moving for and hour or they have a duche bag mohawk and love pink so use this vary thoughful word in ur every day laguge and amaze your friends
the queer with the gay mohawk is a bohemain butt monkey!!!!
by unknown April 20, 2005
when somebody look at u like "WHAT THE FUCK U LOOKIN AT!??!
"u see that nigga mobbin me?"
by unknown November 11, 2003
1. Where people are nice,and digilent, has a great view, long history.
2. Where are alot of animations and comics are made. Mant of them I like. Princess Mononoke, Totoro, Avangelion, Rave, Bleach and etc..
3. Also place nextdoor neighbors hate for many unpleasant things in the past.(And a few in the present)
4. Rewrite school history textbooks about every bad things that happened in the past.
5. Giving a bad reputation to nearing countries because of their government.(Like the people, hate the government)
The Koreans who are dissin' Japan are mostly elementary kids who has a prejudice that everything about Japan is bad. So don't have bad feelings about it. I have been to Japan and everything was nice. If you don't talk about the govenment and the past, there's nothing to hate about each other.^^
by unknown September 08, 2003