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Dimethyltryptamine. A chemical most often found in freebase form, extracting from naturally occuring, and legal, plants. Highly prized among users of psychedelic drugs, it is nearly impossible to find on the market, even among heavy users. Usually made for personal use, not retail. Onset is sudden, often within 30 seconds of the first inhale. The smoke is very harsh, tastes like plastic. Once the smoke is exhaled, the body starts to vibrate, though this is entirely mental. The user will then settle down into a very deep, dream-like atmosphere consisting almost entirely of complex geometric shapes. Often users comment that they have contact with alien entities during this period. The effects are very short, from 5 to 30 minutes depending on dose, though the afterglow is one of high euphoria often lasting as long as the trip itself. Naturally produced by the body, thought to be responsible for dreams and near-death experiences.
Last night I experiemnted with 60mg of DMT. I saw God. Good night.

Load universe into cannon. Aim at brain. Fire.
by UniverseCannon February 07, 2008

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